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At Metal-Fab Services Industries, we provide unsurpassable manufacturing services on an industrial, commercial, and residential basis. Some of our manufacturing services include manufacturing, CAD/CAM, heavy manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, duty manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and much more!

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CNC Services
CNC Machining | CNC Punching | CNC Forming

We offer the leading CNC services in the field at the most affordable prices! Our computer numerically controlled equipment allows us to provide our customers with countless services. Our CNC services include CNC punching, CNC machining, CNC forming, and more!

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Laser Cut & Welding
Cutting | Grading | Welding

In addition to manufacturing and CNC services, we offer laser cutting and welding services. Our professionals are experts in all aspects of metal work, sheet work, welding, laser cutting and more! Our facility is beaming with our teams of expert personnel and equipment to perform any size fabrication job. Our laser cutting and welding services include laser cutting, welding, line grinding, engineering, and more.

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What We Do

Metal-Fab Services Industries is a manufacturing company that you can not only count on, but one you can trust. We have dedicated countless years to perfecting our craftsmanship, efficiency and integrity. Our business is based purely on the satisfaction of our customers. At Metal-Fab Services Industries, we do it all! No job is too small! We are now celebrating over 15 years of success in the precision sheet metal and precision cnc machining fabrication industry and could not be more proud! We are not only devoted to our customers, but we are passionate about providing high quality and affordable services. Our engineering staff have over 35 year cumulative experience in the field and are well rounded in all aspects of manufacturing, machinery and metal work. We are an iso-certified corporation that obtains a full service facility of 25,000 square feet consistently producing unmatchable products. We offer numerous services such as rapid prototypes, assembly, welding, spot-welding, pilot and production runs, cnc machining, cnc forming, cnc punching, laser cutting, painting and silk screen printing, airplane fabrication, plane fabrication, window fabrication, metal fabrication, door fabrication, metal furniture, line graining, hardware and assembly, engineering, office equipment, safe enclosure, brackets assembly, wire harness assemblies, enclosures, wall mounts, frames, service racks, power supplies, water jet cutting, and so much more.

Metal-fab Services Industries would like to thank our customers for maintaining manufacturing in the United States. Without you, our thriving success would not be possible! Our economic pricing along with our high quality project manufacturing is the very reason why our customers are gratified with our service. We would be honored to quote your project or forthcoming projects. Metal-Fab Services Industries offer free estimates. We guarantee service and manufacturing you can count on. We look forward to bringing your project to fruition. Metal-Fab Services Inc. has done work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and for other Government places.

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