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About Metal-Fab Services Inc.

Metal-Fab Services Industries, also known as MSI, was founded in california with the ambition to provide services in CAD/CAM, CNC punching, CNC forming, CNC machining, laser cutting, welding, line graining, hardware and assembly, engineering, painting and silk screening,spot-welding, pilot and production runs, silk screen printing, airplane fabrication, plane fabrication, window fabrication, metal fabrication, door fabrication, metal furniture, line graining, hardware and assembly, engineering, office equipment, safe enclosure, brackets assembly, wire harness assemblies, enclosures, wall mounts, frames, service racks, power supplies, water jet cutting, and so much more. Our facility is radiating with expert personnel and cutting edge equipment to perform any size fabrication job. We proudly work directly with most local suppliers to ensure we offer our customers high quality work at the best prices possible. We use nothing but top quality parts made only in America. We pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships with our customers earned through hard work and dedication. We have a vast list of customers that is rapidly expanding and we could not be more ready! At Metal-Fab Services Industries we believe that no job is too small, and failure is not an option.

Metal-Fab Services Industries is known as one of the top quality manufacturing companies in the country. We have been providing all types of precision machined parts companies throughout the country. We believe that dependability is important. That is why we are readily available for our customers as well as offering on-call services for the urgent needs of our customers. Our expertise in the machining process has paved the way to our success in the lead company of precision piece machining and manufacturing. We are patiently waiting to aid our customers in the achievement of their manufacturing goals. We provide prompt and simple solutions by listening to our customers needs and always staying within their budget.


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